Tips To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

Most of us know that cell phones and other wired and wireless device produce electromagnetic radiation. This cell phone radiation might be affecting our health World Health Organization said recently in their report on cell phone radiation and cancer. Some people will take it seriously and some wont but we can all follow these easy tips on reducing cell phone and other EMF radiation:

-Reduce the use of wireless devices and microwave ovens

-Text instead of placing the phone call

-Use an air tube headset or speaker phone whenever possible

-Carry your phone at least one inch from your body

-Do not use cell phone in areas with poor coverage ( cars, buildings etc )

-Children under 12 should avoid using cell phone

-Use corded instead of cordless phone

-Use wired internet connection

-Do not sleep with your cell phone close to our head and body

-Do not carry cell phone in your pockets

-Use cell phone EMF protection products

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EMF Protection Company

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