Children and Cell Phone Radiation

First the World Health Organization came up with the categorization of cell phone radiation as carcinogenic based on all the research data they analyzed. It was all over media and rightly so.

Since then, there has been a glut of articles and comments how radiation from cell phones is not dangerous.

Same old “I know better” attitude. It has been like that with many health risks so far including tobacco, asbestos etc. Sometimes it is because of inherent tendencies of scientist to argue with each other. Sometimes it is because of legitimate concern about the truth. Sometimes it is because the Industry in question is encouraging confusion.

So far there are indications that cell phones radiation can damage: brain, liver, skin eyes, sperm of exposed rabbits and rats. Testing of human sperm shows reduced sperm count after being exposed to cell phone radiation.
What we should really think about is our children. Their developing bodies are being exposed to huge amount of microwave radiation and scientists agree that children are the most sensitive to the effects of radiation. We as parents of this generation of children were not exposed to these huge amounts of electromagnetic radiation when we were growing up. We can not know the full impact of this radiation now. But as parents we should follow the precautionary principle. France is the first country that enacted the low that forbids marketing of cell phones to children under 12 years of age. The British government stopped short of doing the same. Instead they warned that it would be prudent for teenagers not to use cell phones. There must be reason for it.
All this scientific discussion is a natural way to come up with the right answer to the question
Are cell phones dangerous?” But that might take long time. With tobacco it took almost a century. Do you want to wait that long?

To conclude, cell phones are good and useful. We do not have a definitive proof that cell phone radiation can hurt humans. But we have lots of reason to be concerned about cell phone dangers. You do not need to stop using cell phones but there are simple things you can do when it comes to cell phone radiation protection like the tips in one of our previous blogs. You should do them now.

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