Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

We all love our wireless toys. The simplicity of pulling out a cell phone to and getting in touch with anyone, any time, anywhere feels good.

With convenient advantages come notable disadvantages. Nobody wants to hear the intimate details of someone’s life on the bus, grocery store or even at the park. Our best friend has become an inanimate object that simply gives our thumbs a workout. With the sudden outburst of chronic “text-ers,” we have lost the real relationship skills.

Generally speaking, cell phones and other wireless devices are convenient and bring advantage to human communication. The main question when it comes to cell phones is becoming: “Are mobile phones safe?” . A human cannot see or feel cell phone EMF radiation, therefore it is easy to deny its detrimental effects and disregard the connection between cell phone use and brain cancer for example. The same happened with lung cancer and tobacco … You know that one.

Cell Phone EMF radiation facts

Unfortunately studies and books ( like Dr Devra Davis-Disconnect, G Carlo-Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age) exist showing that the cell phone radiation, laptop radiation and other EMF radiation might be harmful to its users, that they even cause cancer ( Lawsuits are filed and dismissed (similar to tobacco). The question is, what cell phone radiation protection and EMF protection can you use to reduce the effects of possible connection between cell phone and cancer or other EMF dangers?

You should become more conscious of all possible risks. You should ask the government to perform more conclusive studies and educate the public. The studies should be completely independent from the wireless industry. You can find the way to use devices that produce electromagnetic radiation and feel safe. You should not be forced to worry about something that became such an important and helpful tool in our life – cell phone.

Until then, we should use the precautionary principle. To further personal protection, reduce the use of cell phones and other wireless devices, use a speaker or earpiece when using a cell phone, text instead of talking, use cable internet connection, switch back to using a corded phone in the house, avoid buying cell phones for children, do not sleep with your cell or cordless phone in the room and use cell phone radiation protection devices. Children are especially sensitive to EMF radiation because of their developing bodies. We should all be aware of the possible effects of cell phone and other radiation on our future generations and protect them accordingly. We owe them that much.

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