Human body and electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic fields, in some form, have always been around us. Yet, during 20th century, with multiplication of manmade ever advancing technologies, daily exposure to mixture of various electromagnetic fields has increased to a level yet unknown throughout human history.
Our bodies have sophisticated mechanisms to cope and deal with many influences we are exposed to in our environment, taking our bodies back into healthy balance. But there are times when outside influences on our bodies become too powerful and intense and our bodies don’t have adequate compensation mechanisms for it.
Human bodies have small natural electrical currents inside them, as a result of normal biochemical processes in our cells. EMFs influence human bodies the same way they influence any other material consisting out of charged particles – they interact. Interaction between EMFs and our bodies can vary, depending on many factors; type and strength of EMF, duration of exposure, our health condition in a given moment etc, but main biochemical effect of EMFs on human body is heating. Heating effect of radio waves, much like the waves from microwave oven, can produce significant heating of human cells and tissue, if exposed long enough to a source of such waves. Low and short exposures will probably have little or no influence to human health. Studies raised concerns when it comes to exposure to higher levels of these EMFs or even lower levels but for a longer period of time. For the past 30 years, around 25 000 studies with subject of EMFs and their influence on human health have been published. Yet, there are still significant knowledge gaps and the need for further studies continues.
Electromagnetic fields have been linked to many adverse health problems, from headaches and fatigue to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.  These were not cases of high levels EMF exposure, but actually at levels below required to trigger and cause biological response, with a longer exposure time. This is an area of research that is still ongoing, because various results of various studies are significantly different and controversial and therefore further study is needed.
The fact is that manmade EMFs are not the only source of low level EMFs, considering that our whole environment is based on electromagnetic energy.  The problem is that these manmade EMFs are whole different spectrum of frequencies from the ones our living systems are based and evolved on.

We are all exposed to many kinds of manmade electromagnetic radiation, at our homes and work, all the time, where we go and whatever we do. Transmission of energy, home appliances, telecommunication and broadcasting – EMF pollution is all around us. There are few simple ways and things you can do to decrease amount of radiation you are exposed to. With introduction of these simple measures to your daily lives, you can also additionally try to reduce even more EMFs  by using some of EMF protection products. EMF protection products are certified products proven effective in protection against harmful effects of manmade electromagnetic fields.

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