Cell phone towers in neighborhood

You can’t see it or smell it, yet cell phone radiation will go through everything and anything. While debates on its carcinogenicity are still ongoing, we continue to use cell phones together with all other EMF producing gadgets in our daily lives. Many advise – maybe we cannot avoid EMFs, but we can stay informed and aware, and give our best efforts in trying to reduce amount of radiation we are exposed to.

How to react if a cell phone tower is erected nearby your home?

First thing is to be informed. Check how far is the cell phone tower away from your home. Usually, if a cell phone tower is within 500 m from your home, you will most probably be exposed to its radiation. However, some cell phone towers are stronger or weaker than others, so do a research and investigate how strong its radiation output is. Use EMF meter to measure radiation. If this is something you cannot do on your own, due to lack of knowledge or equipment, it might be best to consult a qualified technician who can provide you with reliable readings and valuable information.

Based on EMF readings, you can then choose adequate measures and steps on how to react further in shielding your home. Focus your efforts in shielding those rooms where you spend most of your time, including bedroom. Be aware that influence of EMFs on your body will depend on your own sensitivity, but it is advised not to spend too much time in any environment where RF levels are higher than 0.02 V/m. Once you’ve recognized areas that need shielding, first make some changes to reduce EMFs; move all unnecessary electrical devices away from that area, or arrange them so that they will be as far as possible away from your body. Then, choose some EMF protection product best suitable for the area. This will help transform significant amount of harmful EMF frequencies and values to more natural electromagnetic fields (Earth magnetic field, natural for human body). Pay special attention to windows, as thinnest parts of your home. There are special window films, that when glued on window glass will primarily act as insulator against high or low temperatures, but will build resistance toward EMFs as well. Also, you can choose to paint the walls with EMF shielding colors, usually water based and free from toxic solvents. Be thorough and paint all walls and ceilings.

Keep in mind that you need to be methodical in planning and realization of shielding your home. Investigate if your neighbors have similar concerns about radiation, or if there are other groups of citizens with same problematic in your area. If so, it is good idea to stay connected and share information; that way you will know more and you can act more, based on your knowledge. Stay active and engage in research and promotion of awareness of cell phone tower radiation.

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