Cell phones and pregnancies

Yale University conducted a study, testing influence of cell phones on pregnancies. Study has been done on pregnant lab mice, by keeping a cell phone next to the mice cages. Newborn mice that were exposed to cell phone radiation while in womb, showed decreased memory and attention capabilities, as well as higher activity rates. For many reasons, this study is clearly insufficient for definite conclusions and comparison with humans, however, Dr. Hugh Taylor (Chief of Yale’s Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences) states that the results from this study still do make it advisable for pregnant women to be cautious and not overexpose themselves to cell phone radiation.
While exposed to the cell phone radiation, mice were measured for electrical brain activity and behavioral patterns. Results of these tests were compared to those made on mice that were kept next to the switched off cell phones. The findings indicated that exposure to cell phone radiation causes various behavioral problems resembling those of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in humans.
This is not the first study that discovered negative influence of cell phones when it comes to pregnancies.  A study from 2008 showed indication those future mothers who use cell phones are more likely to have children with behavioral problems. If those children continue to be exposed to cell phone radiation, they have more chances in developing behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, problematic conduct and emotional problems.
Another study from 2010 followed almost 29 000 children and it showed similar results regarding influence of cell phone radiation on pregnant women, causing behavioral problems. In addition, study indicated possibility that EMF radiation can flip some genes in mitochondria. If these genes get transferred from mother to embryo, a child can develop mitochondrial disorders, including muscular atrophy and some difficult problems in physical development.
Many cell phone manufacturers point out cell phones should be held further from human bodies, for precautionary measures, but there is still no obligatory legislation that would make such warnings mandatory everywhere.
According to statistics, in this moment there are almost as many cell phone subscriptions in the world as inhabitants, and taking into consideration that World Health Organization (WHO) has categorized cell phones as possible carcinogenic, many officials publicly call for stronger legislative regulation of cell phone radiation issue.  During past years many organizations have published reports calling for government as well as industry to endorse warning labels and educate on ways how to decrease cell phone radiation exposure.It will take a lot more studies and time to thoroughly examine true impact of cell phone radiation on pregnancies. It will also take time to publish those findings to the world. At this point, cell phone radiation awareness is a matter of personal choice rather than known fact regulated by laws and warnings, which makes precautionary measures even more important in our daily lives.
There are various tips and EMF protection products you can introduce to your daily lives as a precautionary EMF protection measures to reduce EMF radiation.
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