Drastic measures – parents against cell phone antennas in schools

Recently a shocking news came from San Diego County (US) – a group of parents decided to pull out their children from school because they felt their children health is threatened by cell phone antennas placed on school’s property.
Officials from San Diego Julian Carter School have confirmed that 10 students were pulled out by their parents from school, because parents felt cell phone antennas are a serious health hazard. This school has  125 students in classes from kindergarten to sixth grade. For a two years now, the school is renting the place from Encinitas Beach Chapel that has around 14 cell phones antennas placed on their property.
Are such drastic measures really necessary? Is this just another case of unjustified panicky behavior or is there something to it? Before you make your own opinion on this, let’s bring out few information related to how this issue came to be, EMF radiation, cell phone antennas and children’s sensibility toward electromagnetic radiation.
Most parents complained that, at the time when they were enrolling their children into this school, they had no idea their children will be exposed to this many cell phone antennas. Twelve cell phone antennas are practically hidden on the tower of the church that rents the place to school. Two additional antennas are hidden with a convenient stealth design on the church parking lot. Pastor Larry Peltier stated that those antennas were placed on the church tower fifteen years ago and so far they had no complaints about any health problems from people who were spending time on those premises before. He also pointed out that the church has hired professionals who measured radiation levels and results were well within the range of safe, according to FCC standards.
However, parents do not agree.  Various scientific reports, including Bioinitiative 2012, clearly urgently call for new more updated safety standards when it comes to EMF radiation, presenting clear evidence on current amount of radiation exposure being significantly higher than a decade or more ago, and new evidence on effects of EMF on human health (especially children health) in long term. Also, according to new studies, old FCC safety standards deal only with heat damage related to electromagnetic radiation. Today we have more and more evidence that other than causing overheating of human cells, EMF radiation also causes other even more serious problems, such as DNA damage, genetic damage and interfering with functioning of cells. Studies have also showed children are extremely vulnerable to EMF radiation, because of yet undeveloped body and bone structure and they absorb more radiation from the same source in compare with an adult body.
School director, Jennifer Cauzza said the school is looking for another location, but it might take time to find one, even a couple of years, before the school has a permanent site.
Best way to decrease EMF exposure levels is to remove EMF source the further possible, or avoid being in proximity of an EMF source. Another way to help decrease EMF radiation are EMF protection products. You can find out more about them here.
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