Wireless technology – from best friend to worst enemy

Wireless regulation is based on SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) levels, but SAR measures only thermal effects of radiation. Lately there is a growing number of independent studies and mounting evidence showing EMF radiation causes other kinds of health impacts beside thermal. Invisible odorless waves that connect cell phones to cell phone towers are called non thermal radio frequency (called RF) waves and although we are unaware of their presence, it seems they can damage our natural immune system and damage our DNA. RF waves transfer their energy on our bodies and thereby disrupt our natural electromagnetic field, causing DNA damage which can ultimately lead to cancer.

Although somewhat controversial, The Interphone study from 2010 showed that people who were exposed to cell phone radiation for 30 minutes a day for period of 10 years had 40 % more chance in developing glioma, a form of brain cancer. This study was mostly based on data of cell phone us in 90’s. Today, cell phone use is significantly higher and 83% of all 18 to 29 olds own cell phones and are exposed to cell phone radiation more than 30 minutes a day. After Interphone study some countries decided to regulate use of cell phones more closely (i.e. France decided to ban cell phones and wireless technology inside schools).

Cell phones have made our lives easier and convenient as never before. However, EMF radiation is also everywhere around us like never before in human history. We live in wireless homes, work in wireless offices and even when we are outside walking in parks – they are becoming more and more covered with wireless signals as well. While everyone agrees more studies are necessary, we keep using our technology and exposing ourselves to it.

For example, cordless phones have almost expelled classical corded phones from our homes. They certainly feel more convenient for use, giving us freedom of movement corded phones don’t. Yet, cordless phone’s signals have become so strong that often there is no difference between them and cell phones. In technology, phone base is similar to mini cell phone tower and emits strong radiation up to 300 feet. Sitting next to DECT phone (digitally enhanced cordless telecommunication) for a longer period of time, some people reported various health problems such as arrhythmia, nausea and anxiety. Whenever possible, it is safer to use corded phones with longer cord to enable as much movement as possible. Changing your cordless technology with corded phones, you will significantly lower EMF exposure in your home or office.

Wireless routers are also one of the sources of high levels of EMF radiation. Wireless router will constantly emit high levels of RF up to 200 feet all around it. There are some indications constant exposure to wireless router radiation can increase chances of developing leukemia. By removing your wireless router from home and plugging in directly to cable modem you will reduce total amount of EMFs you are exposed daily.

You can find out more about EMF protection tips here and EMF protection products here.

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