FCC to revise 15 years old cell phone radiation standards

In June 2012, UC FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski brought to attention a notice, suggesting FCC’s cell phone radiation safety standards are out of date. The set of guidelines on safe limits concerning electromagnetic field exposure has last been updated in 1996. Since then, situation with electromagnetic pollution has significantly changed for the worse; both on personal and global level, today we are more exposed to man-made EMF radiation than even before in human history. One of the reasons why it has been suggested FCC standards should be finally revised is that in 1996 we didn’t have information and results from scientific studies we have today, indicating possible toxicity of EMF radiation on human health, especially when it comes to long term consequences of exposing kids and young adults to this kind of radiation.

Nine months later, FCC announced they would review RF exposure policies. Official FCC statement is that this is a routine review and they want to ensure the safety standards and measures represent appropriate protection from potential adverse effects of RF radiation exposure. The review will address current standards and whether they need to be updated, but also whether FCC’s testing practices should be altered.

Original guidelines from 1996 were based on behavioral study of impact that cell phone radiation made on animals during 1980s. From that time, numerous studies made both on humans and animals, linked EMF exposure to cancer, low fertility, miscarriages, sleeping disorders, depression and inability to concentrate, behavioral problems in children, ADHD and many other diseases and health problems. World Health Organization has classified cell phone radiation as “possible carcinogen”, putting it in the same group with gasoline engine exhaust and lead. US National Cancer Institute has acknowledged there are some concerns when it comes to cell phone safety.

Research results are in conflict; while some studies show cell phone radiation within the current safety standards is safe, other studies showed the quite opposite. Henry Lai from University of Washington states there are more than 60 studies made during past 10 years, that showed clear biological changes in cells even at SAR levels well lower than current FCC standards allow as safe.

Studies take time, and although scientist have discovered many indications EMFs can even damage human DNA, at this point no one can know with precise certainty what RF radiation exposure actually does to human health. Mobile phones are relatively new convenience in our lives and it will take more time and more studies to see true impact of EMF radiation exposure on our health. However, there is more than enough evidence raising concern and suggesting so called precautionary principle; until we know exactly how toxic EMF is, we should try to lower our exposure to it as much as possible and therefore minimize the risk of any disease caused by EMFs. You can read more on tips how to minimize EMF radiation exposure here. You can also read about EMF protection products designed to help you maintain your natural bioelectric field unharmed by EMF pollution.

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