Subway – a place of the greatest EMF levels?

Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research has recently published a study on levels of exposure to cell phone radiation while traveling on subways. The results of this study raised concerns and indicated EMF pollution in closed spaces should not be taken lightly. As it turns out, levels of radiation emitted by various cell phone devices used in subways are five times higher while in transit, in comparison to operating in stationary position. While in motion, cell phones are constantly trying to establish connection to base station and they emit more radio waves. EMF pollution becomes even stronger because waves bounce off of sealed confided spaces magnifying it’s effects, and therefore anyone travelling on a subway will absorb significantly more radiation in comparison to regular cell phone user in open space.
During travelling, most people will routinely play with their mobile devices to “kill the time” and even if they are not making phone calls, device is switched on and it constantly keeps sending radio waves back and forth to closest cell phone base. This means anyone who uses subway on daily basis gets to be exposed to high levels of radiation regularly, without even being aware of it.
When human organism gets overwhelmed with environmental toxin such as EMF radiation, it manifests various health problems and some of it eventually develop into serious irreparable DNA damage and even tumors. Studies showed that exposure to cell phone radiation, as short as having half an hour conversation each day during period of 10 years, will dangerously increase risk of developing a brain tumor. Some people are more sensitive to EMF radiation and will manifest symptoms such as fatigue, inability to sleep or concentrate, headaches, arrhythmia or skin rash sooner than other, but in general, health problems caused by EMF pollution are subtle and it takes weeks or months to feel something is not quite right.

Some larger cities are installing Wi-Fi into subway systems. This is additional source of pulsing radiofrequency waves that will add up enormously to current EMF pollution in subways. EMF pollution, combined with exhaust fumes and noise pollution present in subways create toxic environment where any human immune system is under heavy attack.

Taking aside immune system of an average healthy adult, the problem becomes even more dangerous when it comes to children and young adults. Their bodies are not yet fully developed and they absorb more toxins, including EMF radiation, than adults who are exposed to the same source of pollution. Young adults also use their mobile devices more frequently and are longer exposed to EMF radiation in compare to adults.

Electromagnetic pollution made by cell phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi , other radiofrequency transmissions, electric and electronic devices is turning into explosion of unhealthy radiation bound to have unpredictable and harmful effects on human health.

Being informed about what we are exposed to on daily basis is very important.  Avoiding and reducing EMF radiation by practicing precautionary principle (also recommended by scientific experts) is the best way to protect our health and health of our loved ones.

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