Electromagnetic pollution creates neurological disorders?

Professor Colin Pritchard, Dr. Andrew Meyers (Bournemouth University) and Professor David Baldwin (University of Southampton) made a study on connection between modern way of living (including electromagnetic pollution) and increase in total number of diagnosed neurological disorders over the last years. Dementia and similar neurological illnesses, so far mostly considered as diseases of old age, keep developing in younger patients during their working age. The researchers emphasized that this trend is alarming and called it hidden epidemic. Considering the changes in lifestyle of an average person over the last 30 years and unstoppable explosion in usage of various non-ionizing everyday technology (with end result in extreme electromagnetic pollution), combined with intensity of transport and overpopulation (resulting in petrochemical and chemical pollution, expansion of food additives etc.), researchers say there is clearly an epidemic of neurological diseases  that has already started happening, as a result of environmental and societal changes.

This study processed data from 16 different countries and found that 10 largest western countries (who happen to be highly polluted) had the biggest increase in deaths caused by neurological disorders in patients under 74 yrs, in period from 1979 to 2010. An average increase in neurological diseases in men in USA was up to 66% and women up to 92%. In UK, the number rose 32% up for men and 48% for women. When it comes to number of neurological illnesses caused deaths, in UK the number went from 4500 to 6500, and in USA from 14 500 to incredible 28 500! Neurological deaths in women generally rose faster than in men in all 16 countries. These numbers would be almost inconceivable two or three decades ago.

The researchers said these are not just statistical numbers but real families and brain diseases at early age have deep consequences for the whole societal system. People with dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc., are unable to work which can devastate the whole family and it poses a great public health problem.

Environmental triggers of serious illnesses, including electromagnetic pollution, are becoming more and more present. Electromagnetic pollution has been repeatedly associated with cancer, allergies, asthma, weakening of immune system, increase in number of miscarriages and decrease of sperm count, breaking of chemical bounds in DNA, HDHD in children and many other diseases. The use of technology is a trend that can only grow in the future with tendency increase electromagnetic pollution even more. Luckily, awareness of its possible health risks is also growing. Unhealthy EMFs can be significantly decreased only by practicing few simple EMF protection measures and tips.  If you are, due to nature of your lifestyle and work, under constant influence of electromagnetic radiation and if you are interested in simple and effective protection against harmful EMFs, we recommend some of safe, tested and certified EMF protection products. These products are designed to shield from manmade electromagnetic waves and are very helpful, especially when it comes to people suffering from electrical hypersensitivity, children and young adults or pregnant women.

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