All about laptop radiation and its correlation with health

Is it true that laptop radiation is dangerous or is it just another panic spreading rumor? If you are one of many people who use laptops on daily basis, we are sure you’ve been wondering are you at risk of exposing yourself to potential harm.

Where do we stand with laptop radiation facts?

Just like any other electrical device, laptops do emit electromagnetic radiation. Although various models made by various manufacturers emit different amounts of harmful emissions, the general main concern is about laptop’s proximity to human body. Electro-magnetic field from its internal components is in most cases combined with Wi-Fi technology, bluetooth mouse, headsets or printer  which significantly increase total level of harmful radiation. So, what happens if you keep strong source of electromagnetic field right next to your body for hours, every day, for months, for years?

Studies are still being done; some show insignificant effects on health, others are suggesting serious long term consequences. It’s important to understand that it takes a lot of time to test long term effect of EMFs (same as it took decades to prove severity of diseases developing from smoking tobacco) as some diseases develop only after many years of exposure to harmful influence. If there is a debate on something, the smart thing is to be cautious and adopt better safe than sorryapproach, because by the time research gathers all the evidence – your cells may already be irreversibly degenerating from the severe exposure to EM field.

Is laptop radiation a health risk?

Laptops emit a lot of heat. This heat alone can harm human reproductive system; if temperature inside testicles raises one degree above normal for about 20 minutes – sperm activity decreases for about 40%! Apart from heat, laptop radiation (especially Wi Fi signal) can fragment DNA in sperm; its non-thermal effect (damage of human DNA) is harmful for men but for pregnant women too. Pregnant women should be especially careful not to expose developing embryos to EM waves.  These harmful fields have also been linked to rashes and skin irritation.

Protection from laptop radiation

Yes, you can still enjoy convenience of portable computers; but introducing few simple tricks in your daily routine you will reduce risks from laptop radiation:

  • Don’t keep them on your laps or right next to your body. Any EM field weakens with distancing from the source. Or, you can use laptop radiation protection pads; these pads are made from special material acting as thermal and EMF shield and they are light, comfortable and easy to use.
  • Disable Wi Fi anytime you are not using it.
  • Replace Bluetooth headset with regular wired ones. You can enjoy the vastness of modern designs while reducing unnecessary EMFs at the same time.
  • Avoid excessive use of laptops. When you have to use them for hours, it’s beneficial both mentally and physically to make short breaks and switch them off.

Most of us are still not used to thinking that our favorite gadgets can be a health risk. This resistance toward new evidence is nothing more than just a bad habit; we are used to fully enjoy benefits of technology without having to worry about possible health consequences. Our habits – the way we use technology – are created long before we had any evidence of potential dangers from EM waves. Now we have more and more evidence and facts showing that we need to change the way we use electronic devices – we can follow recommendations for safe use, safe distancing or look into various products that will help with EMF protection . The point is that dangers from electromagnetic fields can be easily avoided just by changing or adjusting our daily habits.

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