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As a society we don’t just like our cell phones, we love them. A lot. With advances in technology they’ve become more than just cell phones; they are personal mini-computers that we can’t seem to live without. Nor should we have to. The convenience they offer is astounding. But like any new tool in its infancy – particularly one that uses radiation waves – it’s critical that we use them wisely and with caution. This is why Bioprotector Canada focused on Cell Phone and EMF radiation protection and cell phone dangers.

Our products help you manage the risks

Life is not without its risks, but we must be smart in how we manage the risk. We do the same when we use alcohol and drive, or get on a bike and put on a helmet. We must use the precautionary principle when it comes to cell phones and find the way to reduce the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. The easiest way we have found is to utilize the Cell Phone Bioprotector, which simply attaches to your phone with a strong adhesive. You can use this alone or in combination with a Personal Bioprotector for greater effectiveness. This small Bioprotector is specifically designed for dangers of mobile phones and cell phone radiation protection. Our other products are designed for home and office and personal EMF protection.

When you attach the Cell Phone Bioprotector to your cell phone an invisible interaction happens between the Bioprotector and radiation produced by the cell phone. Through this interaction (read more here - Bioprotector EMF protection) Cell Phone Bioprotector creates a protected zone around the users head. We also have testimonials from people that are physically sensitive to the radiation from mobile phones. They all confirm the effectiveness of the Cell Phone Bioprotector. Many of these people spend large amounts of time on their phones. Our customers often comment how their cell phones are not heating up as usual even after long conversations. You can purchase our cell phone radiation protection risk-free with our 60 days guarantee of satisfaction.

This product can also be used for protection form cordless phone in your home. These phones radiate similar frequency of microwave radiation as cell phones, with even stronger amplitude. So far the public and media focus has been on dangers of radiation from cell phones.

Before placing the product on your phone clean the surface with a damp and/or lightly soapy cloth. This will remove the oils and any other dirt on the phone that will prevent the product from sticking properly. Another option is to place Cell Phone Bioprotector inside the battery housing of your phone. In this case leave the sticker on.

Based on society’s experience with tobacco it might take 50 years to truly find the answer to the question “are cell phones dangerous?” But there is nothing preventing us from using common sense right now when it comes to cell phone radiation protection.