EMF Protection Products and Devices

Home and Office Bioprotector

Buy 1 for $100, buy 2 for $160 USD
Buy 1 for $100, buy 2 for $180 CAD

The Home and Office Bioprotector is designed to offer EMF protection in a larger area. This product creates an ellipse shaped zone within which the user is protected. It is to be used in its original case and kept in its original packaging. It should be placed under or close to the bed, desk, worktable or place where you spend the most time. The exception to this is during the practice of yoga, meditation or exercise where it may be placed under the practice mat without the original case. The effective area of coverage of this Bioprotector is a minimum of 7 meters in diameter.

The Home & Office Bioprotector, in its original case, is 14 x 14 x 2 cm – the size of a regular CD case.

This is the only product on the market that offers independently tested EMF protection from undesirable effects of non-ionizing radiation on human bio-field in a minimum 7 meters diameter.
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Personal Bioprotector

Buy 1 for $50, 2 for $80 USD
Buy 1 for $60, 2 for $100 CAD

This product is considerably smaller and more convenient to carry on your person. It offers you personal EMF protection and a sense of security when it comes to EMF dangers. We recommend you carry the Personal Bioprotector wherever you go, in your pocket, wallet or purse to guard against ever-present harmful emissions.

It is effective within a 1.5 meter diameter.
You should keep the Personal Bioprotector in its original packaging.

The size of Personal Bioprotector is 5.5 x 5.5 cm x 3 mm.

Cell Phone Bioprotector

Buy 1 for $50, 2 for $80 USD
Buy 1 for $60, 2 for $100 CAD

It is generally known that mobile and cordless phones are one of the greatest sources of harmful radiation. The Cell Phone Bioprotector substantially reduces the effects of EMF radiation emitted from cell and cordless phones. To date, this is the most effective cell phone radiation protection. It does not interfere with the functioning of phones, works on any phone and has an unlimited life. Remove the device from its original packaging, peel off the sticker from the back and attach it to upper back part of your phone, with the indent facing downwards, by pressing firmly for a couple minutes. If you want it to remain unseen or you are thinking of changing your phone soon you can place it in the battery housing of most phones and leave the sticker on.

The Cell Phone Bioprotector is 1.5 cm in diameter and is 1 mm thick.

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Buy 1 for $90, 2 for $150 USD
Buy 1 for $100, 2 for $170 CAD

EMF protection is very important in the modern world. So why not wear one wherever you go? Our line of Bioprotector products can be placed on your favourite personal devices, but today everywhere you go, you are surrounded by other people’s gadgets. All these laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones etc emit significant levels of harmful EM radiation. That’s why the best way to make sure you are always protected is to wear the bioprotector on your person at all times. This bioprotector medallion comes with a sterling silver chain. You can wear it around your neck or wrist, on your keychain, attached to your clothes or anywhere else.

The bioprotector has its own biofield. It reduces the intensity of the radiated energy and calms and harmonizes the surrounding space. This Bioprotector medallion will protect you from the negative effects of Emfs on your energy level, your concentration and emf induced stress. The attractive and colorful design of the bioprotector medallion will look great on you, while providing you with the perfect protection from electromagnetic radiation. The lifespan of this emf protection device is unlimited.

Convenient EMF protection for everyday use.
Wear it wherever you go!

Laptop Bioprotector - Copper

Buy 1 for $50, 2 for $80 USD
Buy 1 for $60, 2 for $100 CAD

Laptop Bioprotector is specifically designed to provide emf protection from laptop computers. It reduces the harmful electromagnetic radiation produced by laptops and harmonizes the energy field around them. This reduces the amount of stress and preserves the energy, thus allowing the person using the laptop more productivity and better concentration. Enjoy all the benefits of the portable computers without suffering the consequences of the exposure to the EM radiation. Installation of this EM protector is quick and simple. Just remove the protective sticker from the back of the bioprotector and press it firmly against any part of the surface of your laptop, with the indent facing downwards.

Apply pressure for a couple of minutes and the installation is complete. The sleek design of the Bioprotector will look great on your laptop. You will easily notice a significant boost in your energy and concentration levels, as well as the absence of harmful stress as soon as you start using this product. The Laptop Bioprotector does not interfere with your device’s functioning and it has unlimited life span.

Tablet Bioprotector - Copper

Buy 1 for $50, 2 for $80 USD
Buy 1 for $60, 2 for $100 CAD

Tablet devices combine the best features of mobile phones and portable computers. They offer an endless number of useful applications, wireless connection to the Internet, access to social networks and various modes of communication. However, like most other cordless and wireless devices, they emit significant amounts of harmful electromagnetic radiation. This radiation disrupts the human biofield. You may feel a lack of energy, fatigue, stress as well as many other health hazards. The Tablet Bioprotector provides emf protection from your tablet device.

Once installed, it preserves your energy levels and protects you from stress by harmonizing the distorted energy field created around your laptop . You will notice significant boosts in your concentration and productivity. As with other products from the bioprotector family, the installation of the tablet protector is remarkably simple. The smooth design of the copper Bioprotector will enhance the look of your device. The Tablet Bioprotector does not interfere with your device’s functioning and it has unlimited life span.


Buy 1 for $50, 2 for $80 USD
Buy 1 for $60, 2 for $100 CAD

Technical equipment is everywhere around us. It offers us amazing tools and access to all the knowledge in the world via wireless Internet connection, and most of them fit on our palm. However, there is a serious downside to this technology. All of the cordless and wireless devices emit huge amounts of radiation. This emf radiation is very harmful, not just for us, humans, but also for our beloved pets. Yes, our cats, dogs and other house pets are also in jeopardy because they are exposed to the electromagnetic fields of our gadgets.

They are even more sensitive than humans to the subtle energy fields. This is why the emf Pet Pendant Bioprotector was created. It is designed to provide your pet the emf protection from the harmful emissions at all times. It has its own biofield which reduces the effects of the emf radiation. It increases the levels of your pet’s energy and reduces the stress which comes as a consequence of the exposure. With this device your pet will feel much more comfortable in the fast changing human world. With its attractive design and chrome finish it will not only ensure emf protection for your pet, but it will also look great on its collar.