Testimonials from our clients

I am Mervyn from HK. I try all brand name phone and expect I have one smart phone can use. I cannot using many smart phone, just a few nokia phone can be used, otherwise will headache and must switch off the phone then put it away. But i found that my phone (three years before)is not enough memory and work slowly. I need try to use another common phone such iphone or andriod phone instead of. I search from the web and found bioprotector (someone using have positive feeling). I try. Now I am happy can use iPhone, no headache. I recommend bioprotector for those sensitive people.

I purchased the personal Bioprotector and I am very impressed with the result. I used to suffer from anxiety, depression. I get hot flush accompanied with skin crawling and acute stress which starts with a thought (fear, worry, etc) sometime I dont even know what or why I feel these. Yes I suddenly wake up from sleep every night with the feelings or doom feeling like I am going to die. Every time I come awake to dread and some sort of fear and anxiety I can't explain. Yes I had these feelings for a few years now and I thought it was another menopause symptom. I was afraid that I will have to live like this for God knows how long. I had tried so many healing techniques, taking medication thinking it is in my head/hormones etc. Then I read something about radiation and the symptom of extreme exposure to it, which I am from my computer etc. The fight and flight reaction and I searched more and found your website and read the testimonial.
I decided to buy the Personal Bioprotector to try and I got it in the morning and I put it in my pocket and realized that night that I didn't have the skin crawling, hot flush, anxiety all day. I no longer have the feeling/fear of dying when I wake up. I still have normal worry and slight anxiety to normal reason like money issues etc. I can explain it so that is a big relief.Thank you so much for doing this job so people can heal and feel normal again. There are lots of suicides from depression, that was the way I felt even a week ago because no matter what I do there is this shadow over me and the horrible feeling (depression, fear, dread etc) that I can't explain or rise above. It really surprised me that this personal emf protection works almost instantly and what a shock to learn that we all are exposed to radiation and not know the effect it has on us. I am so grateful to find this website because I feel human again.Thanks you so much to all that are involved in this.

The effects of the personal bio-protector are dramatic. Before I began carrying it with me, I could feel a tingling in my mouth and feet when I was near wireless routers. With the bio-proetctor, I am almost immune. Also, the phone protector makes an enormous difference. I have two on my iPhone and they enable me to use it normally.

“I bought the Home Bioprotector because I am highly electro sensitive. I have already tried one product from another company, but not strong enough. When I received the Bioprotector, I had no time to unpack it, I just took it out of my mailbox and put it into my purse. The next day, I forgot about it and I took it with me to my workplace. By the time I get home, I usually have some malaise; I feel tired, dizzy and fuzzy-headed, sometimes even have a headache. But that day, I did not experience any of those uncomfortable feelings. I could not explain to myself that easiness until I opened my purse and realized that the Bioprotector is there. That was a good test by mere chance. Then, in the evening, I put the home Bioprotector in my bedroom. Since then, I can have a good night sleep and I am more relaxed in the morning. I can recommend the home Bioprotector to everyone, who is highly electro sensitive like me because it is an excellent product.

When I began using my cell phone years ago I could feel a sensation in my head I could describe as a flow of electric current. I soon realized it was on one side of my head, the side I used my cell phone on. I was in a dilemma as I needed my cell phone yet I was uncomfortable whenever using it. I wondered if I could do anything about it. Then I heard about the Bioprotector. Immediately after placing the Bioprotector on my cell phone, I felt dramatic difference. The uncomfortable feeling was gone. There was no doubt in my mind that it was the Bioprotector. If I use somebody else’s cell phone the uncomfortable feeling of electric current is back immediately. The Bioprotector solved the dilemma for me, my family and now my clients too.

As a business woman I am always using my cell phone. I used to worry about cell phone radiation. Every time I used my phone for long period of time, I would feel heat on my ear, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations and lost concentration, to the point of not being able to speak. I often wanted to throw my cell phone away. Since I started using the Bioprotector I have not had any of these problems. I am happy to be able to use my cell phone and feel safe.

My name is Russ Mullins, I Tested the Large Personal Bio Protector. After looking it over, it appeared to be made like, or on the order of a Tesla purple plate which is claimed to be a scalar product. The Personal Bio Protector has a range of over 40 feet in one direction which would give protection of a 80 foot dia. circle. The instruction which came with it states that it had a 7 meter range, which was an under statement, it had almost twice this 7 meter range. I have made over 1300 glass tachyons which have a range of just one meter. Ttachyons will turn off if you flip them over. The Bio Protector is not effected by turning it over. The glass tachyons will stop most radiation coming from a home power switch box, The Bio Protector will do the same. I also have hundreds of Orginite devices which I use in my healing practice, The Bio Protector is not Orginite, nor does it act like Orginite. Orginite takes negitive energy and turns it into positive energy. Most of the physic people who come to my shop say they can see the energy coming from the BioProtector Disc, which proves that there is an energy coming from the BioProtector Disc. The first night that I received the BioProtector Disc, Maren placed it at the head of our bed and she slept all night. This was the first all night sleep Maren had had in a long while.

I first became aware of Bioprotector on a visit to the Czech Republic, where I bought both a mobile phone and a Home bioprotector. I wear the personal bioprotector all the time , I actually tie the small bag to my bra strap as it's so small, it's invisible under my clothing . I use the Home bioprotector under my bed and when I'm using my laptop. I used to feel a strange sensation on my thighs when sitting on the sofa with my laptop on my knees, so I tried putting the bioprotector underneath and the sensation went away! I've now bought a mobile phone bioprotector after reading the evidence from tests showing its effectiveness. Why take risks with your health when a solution is available at the same price as a night out?

Yes, I am very happy with the Bioprotector products, especially with the personal one, which is always with me. It seems that I am not so much affected with radiation around me. The Large Bioprotector is in my working area, which is also very helpful. The Cell Phone Bioprotector is helping me to be on the phone for longer time. I thank you a Million.

When we moved into our new apartment, I started to sleep very badly. In the morning I woke up without power and literally exhausted. I went to sleep in another room. We live on the 1st floor and the bedroom window is located 12 meters above the sewer, which is the worst location for a bedroom. Then I bought a big Bioprotector and everything started to change. At first I thought it was just a power of suggestion, but really my tiredness ceased, and I needed less sleep. I also bought a small Bioprotector to use for work with my computer and while driving. Bioprotector is great, I also bought it for my parents. My mum used to wake up early in the morning and could not sleep. Bioprotector has improved her sleep, she now sleeps for two hours longer. We have been using these products have for 3 years and are very satisfied with them.

I have been using the Personal Bioprotector for a while now. When I started to use it I realized, at the end of my work week, that my eyes where not as tired and my energy was better than without the Bioprotector. I work in a health store under fluorescent lights and in front of a computer, a lot. I use my Personal Bioprotector daily and feel good about it.

I have been cautious about electromagnetic fields created by my computer and other electronics for quite some time.In more recent times, I have started feeling emissions created by the EMFs. I learned of the Bioprotector through friends and was able to try out their products; the results were immediately noticeable. I stopped feeling the EMFs and it automatically brought me a sense of peace and calmed my fears about the negative effects the EMFs were having on me and my family.

Since using the Personal Bioprotector, my skin is definitely not as itchy. I do seem to be sleeping better - not as many crazy dreams - and I seem to have more energy. These things can be subjective however and time will prove them out. In addition my breasts are no longer swollen and sensitive. Before getting the Bioprotectors I had turned off all WiFi, disconnected the cordless phones and left my cellphone turned off unless I wanted to call out or return missed calls. Since wearing the Personal Bioprotector I've turned all of these back on with no ill effects so far.

I work in an IT company where there is continuous operation of wireless technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth etc. Which unfortunately can not be avoided. I have owned a Personal Bioprotector for two months. I carry it with me almost everywhere. I feel considerably less tired, more balanced and my work performance has improved. Bioprotector is a great product, that I highly recommend to all.

Thank you for bringing the Bioprotector to the market. I understand the harmful effects of radiation that come from my computer and cell phone and find them worrisome, yet as a realtor I find it necessary to use these modern day tools. Your quality product has given me peace of mind knowing that I can now reduce the radiation and look after my health. To me this is priceless!

Bioprotector is a most important product that anyone with a cell phone, computer, and microwave should invest in. The statistics are overwhelming that the radiation these products exude is excessive and damaging to your health and well being. Everyone today, has communication devices and quick means of food preparation in their daily life style. Not only do I believe in this product for myself, I have purchased Bioprotectors for my entire family, including children, son-in-laws, and grandchildren, as well as clients. Why not do the same for your family, friends and colleagues?

With every year I am becoming more and more aware & concerned about the harmful effects of radiation. Two years ago I chose to get rid of my microwave but there is NO WAY I'll get rid of my cell phone! After hearing about your product I was relieved to learn that I could do something about it and promptly bought your Bioprotector. In it's classy little package I am able to easily tuck it into my smallest purse so it is with me at all times.
Thank you for providing such a stellar product I can trust.