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About the Bioprotector family

Bioprotector Canada is a distribution company whose goal is to help people minimize the effects of natural and human made radiation pollution in our environment, and to offer EMF protection of endogenous bio-electromagnetic field in humans. Our signature line of Bioprotector products consist of copper-toned discs (roughly the size of a CD and smaller), which offer protection from undesirable effects of non-ionizing radiations and some other harmful radiations in the human environment. These products are not guaranteed to reduce Emf field strenght when measured by the Emf meter but rather reduce the negative impact on the human body. Testimonials of the people that are physicaly electro sensitive and testings in the Bion Institute for Bio-Electromagnetics validate effectivenes of this technology.

For your convenience we offer a 60 days return policy on all Bioprotector products because we are confident that you will find them effective when it comes to Emf Protection. If ordered on the regular business day by 2PM your order is shipped the same day. We use expedited shipping so your waiting time is minimal, 2-7 business days in Canada and USA.

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The Bioprotector products reduce the effects of harmful emissions from some common household electric and electronic devices.

The Bioprotector allows an undisturbed flow of bioenergy (life energy,vitality) through the whole body, having a positive and harmonising effect on health with no harmful side effects. The Bioprotector does not interfere with the functioning of any electric or electronic device. The Bioprotector does not need batteries and it has an unlimited life span.

About Bioprotector EMF Protection

Bioprotector products are designed to offer personal EMF protection in any and every environment. They belong to a new generation of ecco-products designed to protect the users from the harmful effects of different natural and human made radiations and emissions in the environment (except ionizing radiations). Bioprotector has been proven to protect the human bioelectric field from the undesirable effects of non-ionizing radiation through its protective effect. Bioprotector also helps us to retain more of our energy and shields us from the subtle effects of the environment ( see Bion testing ). The Bioprotector products are not scientifically proven to reduce Emf field strenght but rather reduce the negative impact on the human body. Bioprotector’s copper-toned material has electro-physical properties that are activated when exposed to external electromagnetic radiation (from cell phones, computers etc.). Bioprotector harmonizes the deformed, or incoherent, electromagnetic field that different electronic devices produce. It re-establishes the natural characteristics of the electromagnetic field in relation to the human body. This harmonization creates an ellipse shaped perimeter/zone within which the user is protected.

How does the Bioprotector offer EMF protection?

Physical Effects – We all know that cell phone and many other devices create electromagnetic fields. When you place the Bioprotector on your cell phone, next to your laptop or in the room exposed to electromagnetic radiation, an invisible interaction happens. This interaction causes the reactionary creation of a new harmonizing field. Since the electromagnetic field produced by technical devices is not a natural field for humans in that it is "deformed" or “incoherent”, its transformation or harmonization restores the natural harmony between humans and their environment. It aligns us with the natural field of our planet, which is the field that is most beneficial for all life on it. This field resonates at the specific frequency of 7 Hz- 10 Hz (Schuman Resonance), which is the average frequency of the human brain waves. Bioprotector’s EMF protection products help us to function in harmony and balance with this natural field. This field and it's frequency in the nature has positively affected human evolution and our bodies and brain waves are intuitively adapted to it and benefit from it (i.e. Being in the nature restores and harmonizes our energy).

Biological Effects – On the biological, biophysical and bio-electromagnetic level the Bioprotector acts protectively on humans. It reduces the negative impact of the surroundings on the human bio-field, and lowers radiated energy in space. This bio-field (or endogenous bio-electromagnetic field) in people and living organisms in general, is organized in special “coherent” domains, and also interacts outside of the organism with other energy fields. We often refer to it as the subtle field. The role of this bio-field within the organism is mostly to regulate or communicate key information. Our products interact positively on these regulation and communicative functions of a person’s bio-field and the subsequent physiological functions.

Study results of the Bioprotector’s effects on the bio-fields of humans, plants and water (see Bion testing) indicate that our products have bio-protective effects on biological systems or entities.
When we combine these results on biological organisms with the physical harmonization of electromagnetic radiation, we conclude that our products offer EMF protection in two ways, by physical harmonization of electromagnetic radiation in relation to the human body, and by reducing the biological effects of EMF through its bio-protective mechanism.

The effectiveness of the Bioprotector is not dependant on its position, only its proximity. This means that the dime-sized Cell Phone Bioprotector can be adhered to the back of your cell phone and still reduce the effects of EMF radiation around your head.

Home and Office Bioprotector is the only product on the market that is effective in a 7 meter diameter. It is conveniently sized and portable. To use, simply place it in the room in which you would like to reduce the effects of harmful emissions and harmonize the environment. Its position can be next to your computer, on the kitchen counter, or close to the microwave oven, it’s entirely up to you. It can also be in your bedroom to help with the deep sleep that is shown to be affected by EMF.

Personal Bioprotector is designed to be carried on your person, either in a shirt pocket, handbag, or even in your wallet. It has the same benefits of the Home and Office Bioprotector, but the range of effectiveness is 1.5 meter in diameter.

Testing & Certification

The Bioprotector has been tested and proven effective in independent, government approved labs.

Occupational Safety and Health Institute in Novi Sad, Serbia (an Official Government Institute) has examined Bioprotector's influence on electromagnetic emissions of low and mid frequencies. By using Bioprotector, the emissions were reduced and their sample values are indicated in the table. In addition EMF remained low even shortly after removal of the Bioprotector.

Sample measurement results

Measurement spot Natural
Random selected location 153 30,5 80,6

Bion Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology from Ljubljana awarded Bioprotector with Certificate of Protection from undesirable effects of nonionising radiations. The certificate was awarded based on the following tests performed: Electrophotography, The biological sensor system, Emadel method for measuring changes in the human biofield and Tests on volunteers. Bion Institute is a government recognized organization devoted to basic and applied research in the fields of bioelectromagnetics - the study of interaction between the electromagnetic fields and organisms.
See testing (PDF)

Hippocampus - BRT Ltd. from Budapest awarded Bioprotector with certification based on research in their Research and Repairing Department and result of the analysis showed that Bioprotector is effective in protection from the harmful effects of nonionizing electromagnetic radiation.

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